ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)

ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)

ORC (Organic Rankine Cycling) generally means; a turbine system designed to convert thermal energy obtained from

different heat sources to electrical energy.  ORC allows to convert energy by means of hot and cold thermodynamic cycle of

a media that evaporates at lower temperatures compared with the conventional turbine technologies. The electrical

efficiency of the system reaches to 14% at low temperature (85 o C  - 120 o C) cycles and 27% at medium or high

temperature (120 o C –220 o C / 260 o C -330 0 C) cycles where the cogeneration efficiency is upto 94% in most


ORC is a modern cogeneration system that brings initial cost, installation and operational advantages due to its compact

design . It is one of the most successful systems in the world by means of cost/effiency rate.

Another powerful advantage of ORC system is, its ability for adaptation to different applications such as;

1- Heat recovery from biomass combustion for electricity production

2- Heat Recovery from process exhaust fumes for electricity production

3- Solar or  hybrid (solar + biomass / exhaust fumes) heat recovery for electricity production.

4- Hydrothermal heat recovery  for electricity production

As Akkaya Inc. proud to announce that by combining our heat machinary that has been manufactured and sold worldwide

since 1964 with Aqylon / France ORC system , we will be glad to provide solutions not only for our customers’ heat

requirements but also their  electricity requirements by converting their waste energy sources.

Please click for details ( www.aqylon.com )

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